From Twitter 03-26-2010

  • 00:16:12: – Mom and I are staying at a family friend’s apartment. This is his view.
  • 09:47:56: Read THE GUILD #1. Hilarious! But “Codex of Fury”? I knew @feliciaday was a @longshotauthor fan, but I didn’t think she’d read Alera. :D
  • 09:49:38: @SheckyX 40+ floors over midtown Manhattan, looking out onto the Hudson River. It’s beautiful.
  • 13:42:28: RT @KevinConn: Please RT: I’m in 3rd place with views VOTE for the LAVA-ROID video. Thank you. :)
  • 14:58:14: Coworker sent a company-wide email with subject: “A Request for Doc Vigilance!” Sounds like the name of a comic book. I think I’ll write it.
  • 17:24:01: THANK GOD. I’m not going to have to do all my supervisor’s work in addition to my own weighty workload while he’s on vacation until the 7th!

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