From Twitter 03-27-2010

  • 10:24:13: – Hey, @Za_Lord and @PadawanMolly–Having trouble with demon mucus sludge stains? Try going here!
  • 14:50:23: Today is a beautiful day to not be at work! Guess where I am?
  • 15:33:16: RT @SheckyX @priscellie At work. // Give the man a cookie!
  • 20:53:10: AWESOME dinner with Ko, her sisters, and a couple of her friends… who are now MINE!
  • 20:53:14: Cunning plans are afoot, dear reader. Epic costumes a MUST.
  • 21:42:34: @blazeorama Fact: “The Last Boy Scout” is where Jim got the name “Marcone.” :D
  • 22:00:30: @jimsissy On behalf of those forty-eleven people, I give you permission to take the night off!
  • 22:17:57: RT @EndGameOakland: We have something very special to announce for the March EndGame MiniCon: The Dresden Files RPG instacontent preorde …
  • 22:19:10: @issshhhhh It’s like “Ebony” for the 1970s!
  • 22:20:58: RT @ebertchicago: In Texas, these two SANE women are running for the State Board of Education. They could tilt balance.
  • 22:22:14: @mightykatemusic Great photos!
  • 22:33:23: @ShawnadQIC694 @fourteenacross Fine, ruin my fun!
  • 22:40:03: Today was Earth Hour? Whoops.
  • 22:43:53: Dear Priscilla, It’s been several months now. Your heart can stop leaping every time someone acknowledges the Alera map. Love, me
  • 23:14:25: @SheckyX I figure the fandom is working up to it.

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