From Twitter 03-25-2010

  • 00:08:37: Okay, internet, it’s bedtime for all good Cellies. Or maybe reading time, then bedtime. It’s a mystery!
  • 10:01:28: On my way to work, I saw a huge bus ad for the new Doctor Who series. Did I emerge from the subway into Great Britain?
  • 10:20:21: @rdonoghue Ye gods! Feel better.
  • 10:33:57: I’ve posted about it so often that I cannot remember if I have actually purchased “Changes.”
  • 11:31:08: @spodalicious Me too! And @Uilos will be joining us on the walk.
  • 12:35:22: RT @nprnews: Pentagon Makes Changes To ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’
  • 12:37:16: Man, Pentagon fail. Don’t want to compromise morale? What about the morale of the gay troops living in fear of being arbitrarily discharged?
  • 12:38:39: Homophobes in the service can learn to cope with the idea that gay people exist.
  • 13:21:23: Woah, “Hot Tub Time Machine” is a real movie? I thought it was a joke from 30 Rock.
  • 14:43:09: Dear Coworker, I am not a mind-reader. If you need a character by 2pm, don’t tell me end of day. Disgruntledly, Priscilla
  • 16:54:12: @ravenofoctober Please let it have been a musical. Please let it have been a musical. Rorschach needs to SING. (Nite Owl = Barrowman?)
  • 18:00:10: I for one welcome our new Nerd Goddess overlord:
  • 18:05:23: Check out Adobe’s Content Aware feature. I thought tech and magic couldn’t coexist!
  • 18:57:53: RT @edgarwright: This is no April Fool. This is the Scott Pilgrim teaser trailer.
  • 18:58:41: #Scott Pilgrim trailer looks FANTASTIC. And I bought the first trade last night at Midtown, so life is grand!
  • 20:36:24: At the Here theatre to see the @vampirecowboys’ Alice in Slasherland! So excited!

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