From Twitter 12-25-2009

  • 01:15:06: @SheckyX I think it was either Peach and Ginger or Pear and Cream Cheese.
  • 02:36:54: It’s amazing how a little ice paralyzes this city. Saw 7 crashed/abandoned cars on way to airport. DFW is a mess.
  • 03:44:25: Glee! Got a “Castle” fic for Yuletide! — And it only took 10 minutes to load! Poor AO3 servers. :D
  • 12:41:35: @ShannonKButcher Gadzooks! May visions of sugarplums and chlofiends disguised as Christmas trees dance in his head. Merry Christmas!
  • 12:42:35: Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it! Happy December 25th to those who don’t! May your day be filled with joy.
  • 17:37:12: @ksmccarthy24 Thanks for making MY HEART STOP. Read “Sir Pterry’s Death” as, well,”Sir Pterry’s death.” Thought I’d missed something tragic.
  • 21:51:16: – Box lid from the pecan pie my uncle brought:
  • 22:46:06: @Esperacchius Here I thought the mini-blizzard was my fault! The weather plummeted as soon as I arrived.
  • 22:53:14: @ShannonKButcher Sounds like a lovely Christmas, even though the timing was a bit off-kilter! May your holiday cheer live long and prosper.
  • 23:08:27: Amazon believes my purchase of Brian K. Vaughan’s “Runaways” means I’d be interested in a book on Runaway and Homeless Youth. Aaaaawkward.
  • 23:14:58: @ShannonKButcher Hope he enjoys! The rules are joyously convoluted, and the cards were clearly designed by a sadistic geek. My kind of game!
  • 23:16:42: @ShannonKButcher He’s ready to take on the After-Christmas Sale rush at Wal-Mart!
  • 23:21:55: @ShannonKButcher The Middleman DVDs are his too, though I imagine you’d all enjoy them. A smart, hilarious love letter to cheesy sci-fi.
  • 23:37:14: Woohoo, time for the Doctor Who Christmas special!
  • 23:57:01: @longshotauthor Merry Christmas!

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