From Twitter 12-26-2009

  • 00:32:52: Wow. Today’s Doctor Who was really, really awful. John Simm looked like he was having fun, though.
  • 00:33:49: @Esperacchius I’ve never done pear and gruyere. It was definitely pear and cream cheese.
  • 00:43:30: RT @TerriEdda: Love, Love, Love.
    Weepy alert.
  • 01:31:47: @ksmccarthy24 *is prodded*
  • 16:54:20: @ShannonKButcher Sounds cozy and wonderful! All you need is some peppermint hot chocolate and a furry friend to keep you warm.
  • 23:19:59: @fredhicks I figured you two needed something relaxing to detox some of that New Parent stress. Hope Evie likes her gift, too. :D
  • 23:53:26: Went shopping with Mom and Sister! Got some new bras, a new watch, and an extravagance of earrings! Gotta love post-Christmas sales.

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