From Twitter 12-24-2009

  • 02:04:07: Tonight, I sleep the sleep of the just.
  • 10:54:02: It still hasn’t clicked that tomorrow is Xmas, so I’m currently anticipating the Yuletide reveal more than the holiday. You are weird, self.
  • 12:40:59: @Uilos I’ll be in my bunk.
  • 12:41:58: @Uilos EHREN. He’s the crowbegotten Batman!
  • 13:30:28: Turns out I was on the same flight last night as two wonderful family friends. We got to catch up as we waited for bags. NYC + Dallas = <3
  • 13:44:44: It just started snowing! I’m going to have a White Christmas in Dallas!
  • 13:48:32: RT @Soullumination: @ShannonKButcher Congrats on the TRS Cupid and Psyche Award noms! Paranormal book & Fave Author // CONGRATS!
  • 14:13:25: – Mom blew my hair straight. Pretty! I should do this more often!
  • 16:45:06: @sergeantmurphy Let me know if you need a bit of arm candy/backup. I’d very much like to have a chat with this sister who done you wrong.
  • 16:51:11: okay, I KNOW I sent that last tweet from the correct account. And Tweetdeck for iPhone has no delete feature. Sigh.
  • 21:58:01: RT @Uilos: New Codex Alera Fic! // OMG OMG OMG CRAIG WROTE ME EHREN FIC AND IT’S AMAZING!!!! *FANGIRLS*
  • 22:00:34: @ShannonKButcher It’s like the “before” shot in an article about piranha.
  • 22:30:09: RT @qikipedia: To get you in the mood for tonight’s #QIChristmasParty : David Tennant get his “sonic thing” out
  • 22:30:56: RT @nprnews: Where’s Santa? Track Him Online
  • 22:33:46: RT @mental_floss: Ricky Gervais sings Elmo a celebrity lullaby —
  • 23:38:01: Does anyone know what time Yuletide stuff will be posted? AO3 looks much more automated and mod-friendly than the previous system.
  • 23:42:53: – I want to put this entire pie in my mouth right now. I will accept the consequences Physics demands.
  • 23:50:13: It’s “Pushing Daisies”-inspired Apple and Gruyere Pie, btw. *drools* Recipe here:

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