Oh, New York Times! Why did you so completely pan Meet the Robinsons? It was hilarious, and the animation was extraordinary. I wish there were a 3D theatre that wasn’t an hour away, because I’d love to see it again in 3D. It was fantastic in 2D–to see it in 3D would be amazing. Stupid Philly. It’s the fifth-largest city in the U.S.! Why is there no 3D theatre closer than King of Prussia?

Anyway, I’m so amused by the “Keep Moving Forward” anvilage. When Disney started production, it was all about the “Ha! We are striking out on our own without Pixar, going 3D all the way!”, but by the time it came out, Disney was like “Oh, sorry about that. Pixar, come back, we love you. And 2D, we miss you. 2D is definitely back! And hey, let’s make another fairy tale musical! Keep moving ba–er, forward! Keep moving forward!”

So! Ignore the New York Times. It fails. Meet the Robinsons is crazy, crazy fun! With dinosaurs!