I’ve been sitting on this since Friday morning, but now I can finally share it! Fred, who runs the official Jim Butcher podcast “The Butcher Block,” asked me on to do a guest spot and discuss the most recent Dresden TV episodes. We talked yesterday afternoon for about 40 minutes (about 30 minutes of which appears in the podcast itself), and I had a great time! Listen to the episode here. You don’t need an iPod to listen–just download the mp3.

Alicey, I’ll put together a transcript for you, but it’ll take some time, as school/job applications are insane. *stabs Tech Reel DVD that works on my laptop and was working on my DVD player yesterday morning but hasn’t worked since, even though my Modeling reel was done THE EXACT SAME WAY and it works*

Jimmy, even though you don’t read/watch Dresden, you might be interested in tuning in, starting at 39:43. :D