You know what’s worse than having an exercise class at six freaking AM?

Knowing you have an exercise class at six freaking AM, but writhing in bed for forty minutes, trying to get to sleep, tormented by a peppering of mosquito bites on and around your knees, the most dire being THE SIZE OF A QUARTER. And that’s not an exaggeration. If I were exaggerating, I would say it was THE SIZE OF OLYMPUS MONS, because that’s how it feels right now. Oh Benadryl and Cortizone, grant me respite!

I wasn’t going to post until I’d written an entry on Industry Giants and the Animation Masterclass on Friday, but I have to break my vow of silence for this. They released a few teensy cliplets from the TV movie of The Dresden Files! Click the first link, “Upfront 2006.” Oh tall Cuban bombshell playing a five-foot-nothing Irish Catholic blonde, I take back everything negative I might have insinuated about you! YOU ARE MURPHY.

My one complaint about the clip show: Not enough Dresden (there were what, four clips?), and too much stuff I don’t care about! And boo to the people that look enough like Paul Blackthorne to get me excited for a second, only to disappoint!

For those that care, clips at:
0:07, “VO: …that sci-fi is…” — Harry in the snow with his hockey stick/staff. I love how the book this is based on takes place in April. :D
0:42, “VO: …undeniable human emotion” — Harry and Murphy. Dear gravy, I ship them like FED-EX.
0:52, “VO: new, original shows” — Harry’s ‘flickum bicus’ spell? So much funnier than any spellword in the Potter books, I tell you. Or perhaps Bob flaring up? Bob being represented by flame rather than animating a skull in the TV series, of course.
0:54, Harry, Murphy, and Kirmani (Carmichael).

Though from the clips, I realize I really need to start watching Battlestar Galactica.

While I’m posting:

The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents, this week on BBC7. With David Tennant as Dangerous Beans! Also be sure to catch the last part of Mort. Next week is Guards! Guards!

Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders will voice eccentric neighbours Miss Forcible and Miss Spink in the stop-motion feature [Coraline].” YES.

200 liters of Diet Coke + 500 Mentos mints = BRILLIANCE!

Windows Vista: a lot like OS X. Related: Three new Mac ads with John Hodgman! Oh, how the Hodgmania abounds at Cult of Lincoln

Mathematically-Generated Porn

Han Solo: The Movie!

For fans of TV-on-DVD, news of some major sales!

Weird Al has a new song, available for free download from his website. Thanks to Becky for the link!

Faith’s comic Ice is no longer subscription-only and now readable for free!

And now, bed.

I saw An Inconvenient Truth last night, and it was a major eye-opener. Check this listing to find when it comes out near you, and see it the first chance you get. Just go. You’ll be glad you did.

I’m going to the SHIIIIIIIIIINDIG!

Two days ago, all the Advantage seats were gone and the cheapest fares were in the 500+ range. Then two hours ago, a ridiculous number of Advantage flights suddenly became available! I had given up! I also put on hold my plane ticket for Siggraph and for going to and from Philly next semester. Behold my tremendous industry!

Also making my day: Tony Snow, comparing the banning of same-sex marriage with civil rights legislation. Whaaaaa? Oh, Tony Snow! I’m going to like you, aren’t I? Seriously, where does Bush find these people? (Oh yeah! Fox News!)

I hope everyone has a lovely Day of the Beast, with minimal demonic possession, rivers of blood, plagues of locusts, or non-alcoholic lager. Reread Good Omens.