Well, looks like I didn’t need to worry about fifty Kaylees showing up to last night’s Serenity Now/Equality Now event, as I was almost the only one in costume! There were two girls that had dressed in general Browncoat fashion (I look slightly manic in this picture, which unsettles), a handful of “Blue Sun” shirt-wearers, and a couple folks in Hawaiian shirts, but mine was pretty much the only distinct costume of the bunch. I felt like a great, floundering goob and King of the Nerd Patrol, especially as Chungy couldn’t make it, and I didn’t know anybody there.

I took pictures with whoever wanted them, feeling vuagely like a person dressed as Mickey Mouse at Disneyworld, and gradually started feeling more comfortable in my surroundings as I struck up conversations with fellow Browncoats. Then Emily H., fellow JETS member and little sister of one of my best friends in High School, showed up, and life was grand.

It was so great to see the Big Damn Movie again on the big screen.

Replies to blog comments:

Xio: I was at the Dallas screening, not Philly.

Rebecca: Well, if you ever come across and roses or sacks of money, you know what to do with them!

Aaron: My bad. I assumed everyone knew who Alan Menken is, and that my overjoyed squeefulness at his being involved would go without saying. Whereas fewer people know about Stephen Schwartz, so I needed some compensatory “EEEEEE!!!” to show my happiness. So ALAN MENKEN GLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! and Stephen Schwartz SQUEEEEEE!!!!! more accurately reflects my feelings on the matter. :D

Jimmy: Great! I’ll get your print out to you early next week. Jeff asked for Death, as well, and Court and Ryan asked for Destruction (why they would want to hang “Destruction” in their Money Pit of a new home is beyond me. :D) Methinks I need to get inspired and do more work in the style of my Sandman project. Anyway, Astonishing X-Men is crafted of pure awesome. I devoured both TPBs that afternoon. Now it’s just a matter of getting my hands on Season 1 of BSG!