Equality Now Serenity tribute screening tonight! Should I wear Safe!River, ObjectsInSpace!River, Serenity!Kaylee, or Zoe? Vote in the comments.

Kaylee is probably my favourite, as it’s flattering, comfortable, and quite screen-accurate, but it’s also probably the most common costume among cosplayers. You can’t throw a rock without hitting a Kaylee at a Firefly event. Zoe is fun, and it won me a costume contest at the first Serenity preview screening last summer, but it’s not as flattering as Kaylee, and the boots can get tiresome after a while. Safe!River requires a lot of fidgeting to keep the red sweater in shape, but is otherwise comfortable, and comes with awesome boots. It used to be really unflattering, but for some reason, it looks pretty good on me now. OiS!River is least flattering, but comfy. And I found my Objects in Space stick!