Tonight I went to a free screening of Antonio Banderas’ new movie, Take the Lead. Lots of fun and lots of great dancing!

As for Smallville, lots of James scenes means minimal fast forward-age. And in the last scene? Four Jameses! Oh, it does this fangirl’s heart good. This would be twice as fun as those scenes with TheFirst!Spike if only the dialogue wasn’t so bad! And I’ve replayed his last line several times, but I keep hearing him say “We need more salmons.” I can’t fathom what he actually is supposed to be saying. Aside: Is James being typecast as a guy that likes shoving metal spikes through people’s heads?

I’m amazed that this show is still on the air. I can’t help feeling that we’ve seen this exact plot at least two dozen times. And Clark and Lana appear to be in the same place as they were years ago. I’d hope that maybe Clark can now move on to someone not Lana who’s also not evil, but I somehow doubt that will ever happen on this show. Ah well!

Umm, happy 41st birthday to Juliet Landau, and happy belated 35th birthday (March 27th) to Nathan Fillion!