News of the next Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright movie! The guys that brought us Shaun of the Dead? Becky, I see your mad squeeage and raise you a “BWEE!”

Anyway, Lost! I have decided that Ethan is kind of like his cousin, Tom Cruise. He looks cute and friendly until you realize he is a ravening psycho. And as for Sun’s whole pregnancy scare? Nothing to worry about. If the pace stays constant, she probably won’t go into labor until Season 5. Dude, with no condoms or birth control on the island and a husband who looks as good shirtless as Jin does? Wasn’t it kind of inevitable?

Renata linked me to the iTunes Signature Maker, which is just neat! It samples bits from your iTunes library and combines them in a mishmash of awesome. Check out some of mine:

Long Version (40 sec) — My favourite bit is Penelope Pennywise’s random “A sweet lookin’ head!” Haha, “Self Esteem!” The song from “Smile Time”! And “Prince Ali”! And “Nothing Without Me”, which is just awesome. And “Hedwig’s Theme Rocked Out” and “My Medea” and “Big Bar Fight” from the Firefly soundtrack and all sorts of other goodness! I love how “Shindou Satoshi” in Japanese dovetails so nicely with “Oceano” in Italian.

Medium, Heavily Layered Version (30 sec) — Very Revolution 9-esque, especially with the random spoken bits from the Dresden Files.

Short Version (20 sec) — Best parts: The random “ignoramus!” from “Nothing Without Me” and the sounds of Jack being beat to death with a shovel from Reefer Madness‘s “The Stuff: Reprise”. “Popular” from Wicked and “Mike Teavee” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and all the good stuff that was in the long version, as well.

I love how, like, half of the samples are from musicals. MAN I’m glad I got so much work on my Crime Cinema paper done this morning, because this is seriously distracting…