Veronica Mars! I don’t know if I was just really giggly tonight or if the episode was funnier than average, but I was laughing out loud almost constantly. Veronica in the wig shop, “Ice Man” in the same episode as Shawn Ashmore’s twin brother, every moment of every scene that featured Cliff, every moment of every scene that featured Dick, and Lamb’s new campaign slogan.

I’m still feeling about Logan in the same way I feel about Charlie on Lost: we want to like them, but they’re making stupid, stupid decisions, so we’re angry at them, and it’s going to take a major turnaround for us to forgive them. At least Logan was honest tonight. And he gets some sympathy points, because MAN does he have bad luck with girlfriends, but he’s still a jerk in major need of intensive therapy. Gotta love Rob Thomas and his ambiguous characters!

It’ll be interesting to see how VM treats college, how many of the original cast also end up at Hearst, and how many people compare it to Buffy. Do we know if VM has been renewed for Season 3, or is that still up in the air with the whole CW jumble?