Does anyone know if there will be a transcript available for the Joss Whedon “High Stakes” conference call thing?

Edit: Okay, so we have this review-ish thing from AICN, and CousinJean has this to say about the future of the Buffyverse. So that’s something. Awaiting more! Wah, why does have to go all wonky today of all days?

Also, YES, YES, YES!!!!!!! This is the best news I’ve heard regarding the Rent movie.

In other movie news, Dreamworks is considering a sequel to Galaxy Quest

And this film concept Shooting Stars sounds awesome beyond words.

(Yay, finally an entry where the main theme is not politics! Well, “High Stakes” was essentially “Joss Fans For Kerry”, but that doesn’t count. Piffle.)

At mom’s request, I’ve made links a bit more distinctive. I wasn’t really aware of how similar to the text they were. So I’ve reddened them a bit to set them apart from the background and text, and I’ve added back the underline. In my next layout, I’ll be sure to use a wider color range so it doesn’t feel weird to have multiple hues. Thoughts?

I made a new LJ icon! I am far too entertained.

So I just got back from the Kerry N’ Clinton rally downtown (my pictures turned out rather worthless, but I’ll probably post a few tomorrow), which was quite awesome. There were so many people it boggled the mind! I hear they’re estimating 100-120 thousand people! We were packed in so tightly that I probably could have lifted my feet up and hung, suspended by the shoulders, by the press of bodies. They must have brought out every Democratic elected official (and those running for office) the city had to offer! Including Carol Moseley-Braun, w00t! I’m so glad I was able to get back to Philly on an earlier train this morning, because otherwise I doubt I would have gotten a good spot. The lines were unbelieveable, and I arrived at the time the gates opened, two hours before the rally began! Zounds.

So yes! I spent Friday evening and Saturday and Sunday in NYC with Mum, where we got to see Avenue Q and Hairspray. The shows were fabulous, and the “George Bush is only for now” line from Avenue Q received riotous applause. I asked Jennifer Barnhart what they were going to do when this was no longer the case, and she just said she hoped it was sooner rather than later. :D And in one of the final numbers of Hairspray, I started thinking about the message of “Men at Arms”, and if I should consider doing “Feet of Clay” instead (I’ve been going through a lot of MAA angst lately), and it suddenly came to me how I could give the show actual meaning and purpose, and a message beyond “um, yay diversity, and terrorism is bad, mkay?”. Finally, it clicked! Oh, life is so good now.

And Sunday evening, after the Hairspray matinee, I got to have dinner with Maggie! *tackles her with love* We talked about her work, my schooling, and a lot of politics, which is pretty much staple for my conversations now. The woman I shared a table with today at Corner Bakery after the Kerry rally because there were no free tables because the place was swamped with Democrats? Politics. Dinners and lunches with Mum in NYC? Politics. God, 8 days. I am so terrified.

Anyway, Maggie looked great, and she’s clearly having a ball with her job. She’s definitely chosen a niche where she can thrive. I can’t wait to see the ad campaigns she’s been working on! She promised to post them in her LJ as soon as they were released into the public, and were no longer confidential. And I also wheedled her about drawing Good Omens fanart and reading more of the Watch books when her projects calmed down. Tra-la!

On the other end of the emotional spectrum, however, I am terrified for Jamie Lee, the older brother of Tiffany Lee, the girl who was my best friend all through Lower and most of Middle School. I found out a few days ago that he had enlisted, and he has already been to both Afganistan and Iraq. He’s back in America now, but we don’t know if he’ll be able to leave the service on the day originally scheduled, or if he’ll be forced to stay on, like so many other soldiers around him. And if he stays on, we don’t know if he’ll have any say in where he is dispatched. The sudden “disappearance” of the 380 tons of RDX and HMX explosive in Iraq is terrifying. How the hell do you lose 380 tons of anything? The White House’s response:

“In the grand scheme — and on a grand scale — there are hundreds of tons of weapons, munitions, artillery, explosives that are unaccounted for in Iraq,” the official said. “And like the Pentagon has said, there is really no way the U.S. military could safeguard all of these weapons depots or find all of these missing materials.”

Is that supposed to make us feel better? Especially when Bush-Cheney campaign spokesman Steve Schmidt added

“John Kerry has no vision for fighting and winning the war on terror, so he is basing his attack on the headlines he wakes up to each day.”

Shouldn’t breaking news have some relevance in this election? What a fool. It reminds me of that time when Rumsfeld was asked how many soldiers had died in Iraq, and he said “about 500” when the number was over 700. Shouldn’t the administration keep tabs on this kind of thing? The way this war has been managed is appalling. So who are you going to vote for? Bush and Dick “Looting Happens” Cheney, or John “read this Newsweek article and tell me again I have a weak national security and foreign policy record” Kerry and John Edwards?

Please keep Jamie in your thoughts and prayers. And for God’s ssake, vote for Kerry-Edwards.

This piece by David Brock is probably the funniest debate parody I’ve seen. Well, this is up there, too.

Jason Teague on Smallville looks too much like Jimmy Bond from “The Lone Gunmen.” It makes me nostalgic, even though I only saw maybe half the episodes. Is it bad that I’m still freaked out three years later when I think of how the first episode of TLG featured terrorists trying to fly a passenger plane into one of the World Trade Center towers?

Also, Lost is so awesome. God bless and for giving me the simultaneous gifts of Lost and Smallville. Ah, Dominic Monaghan. The world needs more Dominic Monaghan.

So the Dean vs. Buchanan debatey thing has come and gone. *shakes fist at rehearsal schedule* You know, Fate, when I said I’d do anything to see Dean tonight, that is not your cue to be clever and have tonight’s Film History screening be “Rebel Without a Cause.” Hardy har har. I’ll have to talk to Brady and Matt about what went down. Wah, my second chance to see Dean, fruitless. Teh woe.

So instead of moping, I have miscellaneous quoteage!

Ko: Buchanan did say something about not voting for Kerry.

Me: … Even after he endorsed Kerry over the Iraq war?

Ko: Apparently.

Me: Flip-flopper.

Me: Is it a bad thing that I can’t help but smile when I think of Giles violently beating Angel with a flaming baseball bat?

Ko [re: Angel]: The whole thing with, he did all this horrible stuff as a vampire, then he got a soul and he has to be guilty FOREVER? He’s like the ultimate Catholic.

Ko [re: OldSchool!Spike]: Even though he would gladly dine on the brains of the Good People, he would do so in a way that he would be funny and make you laugh, and even though he’s technically still evil, he’s so snarky, so you’re like “GO SPIKE!–WAIT, NO YOU ARE EVIL.”

[regarding what would happen if I ever set Ko on fire]

Ko: On that day, there will be Words.

Me: Because we never exchange witty banter on a regular basis?

Ko: No, Words.

Me: Ah. “Words” italicized, or perhaps with a capital ‘W’.

Ko: Wh–Ah. A sign that I just finished studying Spanish. I just thought “but ‘words’ starts with a P!”

And the requisite linkfest:

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Supreme Court Moves to Un-Gerrymander Texas

Firstly: New ROTK:EE Trailer!!!

Last night, I rented the Firefly DVDs and had a mini “Intro to the Genius that is Firefly” party for Ko and Aaron and any of my roommates and friends that happened to show up. I ordered pizza for me and Aaron and a salad for Ko. But here is where my plan went horribly wrong. “Aaron wants plain cheese,” I thought, “and I like plain cheese, too. But I prefer canadian bacon and black olive. I’ll just get half and half!” A brilliant plan, thought I! It wasn’t until I was waiting downstairs for the pizza to arrive that I realized with a shock of horror my mistake. Aaron adheres to conservative Judaism. He keeps seperate sets of dishware and utensils for dairy and meat, and he doesn’t even get close to pork. And I ordered a pizza half canadian bacon. I am officially the most culturally insensitive person on the planet.

He was really nice about it, and after a great deal of flailing on my part, trying to come up with substitutes or fixes, we settled with cutting away any bits that were 2 inches away from any meat. After making the first cut, I promptly started spazzing over not having properly kosherized utensils, and he laughed and said it was fine and blew me a kiss. *squeak*

We watched Serenity first, then Our Mrs. Reynolds, as Ko showed clear Mal fangirlish tendencies early on. Both are now eager to see more, go me! Hopefully we’ll be able to schedule another get-together next weekend, and I can put Ko and Nikki’s lessons on “leaning”, headtilts, and other forms of subtle body language into effect. Bwaha!

Afterwards, he gave me a goodnight hug, and we parted ways, him going to a Shakespeare party, and me going with Ko, Nikki, and Deep to the SAE party to cheer on our friend Daniel, whose band was playing. Gah. My first and last frat party. Far too loud, with unpredictable, blinding strobes, and so many people that you couldn’t stand still (much less move) without being trampled and shoved around by a bunch of underage drunks. Not fun in the least. I stayed 20 minutes to support Daniel, then left with Matt. I don’t know what people see in these parties.

Did I mention that Ko and I have pretty much finished our room? We’ve been plotting to put Christmas lights up for ages, and we finally got them up yesterday afternoon. I also finished a huge block of the photo montage thing I’m going behind my shelves, and I put up the “Hero” miniposters we got of ebay a few feeks ago. Man, our room looks FANTASTIC. I think I’ll take pictures right now.

*takes pictures*

My side — Posters: Hero, Moulin Rouge, Discworld: Family Values, the Magsby Remus collab, Amelie, FotR. See also our new Christmas lights, Jimmy the Lovely Laptop, my Buffy season 6 DVDs (on my desk, next to my water bottle), my VSP1 Hermione mousepad, and my tablet (behind Jimmy).

Another view — the slimming mirror, our Hero miniposters, my theatre posters, the Auxiliary Backup Hobbits, the “Skull vs. Bones” poster from America: the Book, and my photomontage.

Ko’s side

And another view

My view!

Ko with the Door of Liberal Hotness

The Door of Liberal Hotness! To be made clickable and magnifiable tomorrow when I don’t have a midterm to study for.

Meanwhile, why has no one pointed this HP fanart website out to me before? Good lord on a stick, I am such a fangirl. You all fail as my friends.

You know that Math midterm (CSE 260) I thought I had done poorly on? The one where I had no problem with the review questions, but when I got into the test, I felt I had to question if I was given the exam for the right class? It turns out “poorly” was an understatement. Big time.

Today’s our last day to drop classes, and I’m thinking of dropping this class and trying again another semester, to start again with a clean slate. Sure, they let us drop our lowest grade out of the 2 midterms and the 2-part final, but that would mean I had no leeway for the other 3 exams. And if I was so completely thrown off by this first one, that’s not really a chance I want to take. Amy, my advisor, tells me I probably shouldn’t drop, as it would mean taking CSE 320 2nd semester senior year, which she tells me is not cool, and she’s now looking into how the other DMD students fared on the exam, as we traditionally do worse than the straight Computer Sciene kids, because we’re more artistically minded and we don’t really want to be taking the course anyway. Still, I’m not sure if that excuses the fact that I actually failed, even with the curve taken into account.

On the plus side, Aaron has volunteered to tutor me if I decide to stay in the class, which is always good. I wasn’t called for rehearsal Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, so when we saw each other at rehearsal last night, he said “If I said I missed you, would that be too forward of me?” *squeaks* He is so old fashioned and adoreable! I shared this with the roomies, all three of which are currently having boy issues, and we all basked in the reassurance that not all boys are scum. Of course, that didn’t stop us from having a loud festival of misandry (finally, I have discovered the word for the opposite of misogynism!) on my roommates’ behalf at Ben & Jerry’s, involving mass amounts of chocolate, broken popsicle sticks symbolizing the boys’ necks, and cries for painful vengance. No one messes with my roommates!

So anyway, still waffling over what do do about Math. Grr, the choices a woman must make in this earthly realm… I’m going to talk to Amy again.

Blogger ate this entry the first time, so I had to find the links again. Le sigh.

Funny or otherwise amusing political stuff:

A cute animation about electronic voting

Dean does an ad for Yahoo

Pat Buchanan endorses Kerry/Edwards — so I wonder what he and Dean will debate about when they come to Penn next week…

Nader Removed from Pennsylvania Ballot — apparently Mickey Mouse and Fred Flintstone are not registered voters in the state of Pennsylvania

Jon Stewart’s Commencement Address

CNN and Salon: Harvard Prof remembers Bush

O’Reilly Hit with Sexual Harassment Suit

How Leftist is LJ?

“Being lectured by the president on fiscal responsibility is a little bit like Tony Soprano talking to me about law and order in this country.” –John Kerry

Hawhaw! Personally, I can’t wait to see what has to say about Bush’s performance this evening. The sheer number of boldface lies… I think Bush did a lot better tonight than he did in the other two debates, but he still fell pitifully short.

And was anyone else completely mesmerized by the enormous glob of spittle shining from the corner of the President’s mouth for at least 15 minutes of the debate? Because when projected onto a massive screen in Huntsman Hall, Penn’s great shrine to capitalism, it approached golf ball size. And that’s kind of scary.

Sad to see Bush forgetting Poland.

Woohoo! Just got an email saying that I won’t be called for rehearsal tomorrow (or rather, tonight), meaning that I can see the last debate! It may be 2 in the morning and my computer science couldn’t make less sense if it was written in Chinese and the midterm is Friday, but life is good!