From CSE-240 the other day:

E (the teacher): The pair of D latches is called a “flip flop”. It’s a stupid name, but it stuck.

Class: *is silent*

Me: Come on, everyone is thinking it.

In other news, the MirrorMask website has a teaser trailer up! So. Much. Coolness. There. Are. No. Words.

Oh, and if you have a lot of work to do, do not go to this website. Trogdor: The Game. I’m not letting myself even think about playing again, because it’s so addictive.

Another random link post! Fandom! Politics! Madness, I tell you, madness!

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Why does Peachfuzz!James make me think of Bat Boy? (oh wow, that would make a hilarious character swap… sudden visions of Spike singing “Apology to a Cow”… my life is so beautiful right at this moment)

Bush Debate Silliness

What appears to be the next revolution in Bushmocking: Poland!

If Kerry wins, Liberals will ban the Bible! OMG!!!11!one *snerks*

Spaceballs II: The Search For More Money to become a reality!


Suddenly there is music

In the sound of your name:

John Kerry!1

HOLY COW. That was just BEAUTIFUL. I mean, I imagined going into the debates that Kerry would do a better job, but that the media would lambast him regardless of whatever style demeanor he would choose to adopt, just because they’re infuriating like that. But good grief, this was beyond my wildest dreams! I challenge anyone to even suggest Bush won the debate. Kerry handed Bush his rear end on a PLATTER. And watching the debate in a crowded auditorium filled with College Democrats, already energized from getting to meet Vanessa Kerry, who was as eloquent and poised and intelligent as her father in tonight’s debates? Booyeah. Not to mention her delightful wit, a quality she and her father both share, given the humorous anecdotes she shared in her brief time with us.

My summary of the debates:

Kerry: [clear, poised explanation of an aspect of international politics, taking personal past experience into account, ah oh yes, I wrote a book about loose nukes from the former Soviet Union]

Bush: Umm… [5 second pause] The evil terrorist enemies of freedom hate democracy! Saddam–I mean Osama!

Kerry: [*smirk visible on C-SPAN splitscreen*]

He CLEANED his CLOCK. It was like GRAVY on TOAST. It was like CHRISTMAS MEAT. Kerry was respectful, VERY presidential, eloquent, and used anecdotal and historical evidence to make his points. Ko marvelled that he sounded like her International Relations professor at times. Meanwhile, Bush was on the defensive from the get-go and never deviated from his talking points, which he repeated ad nauseum (he put me in the mind of a techno remix), until he looked like a trained parrot. He never once put Kerry on the spot. He looked like a fool! I love that Jim Lehrer had to pause every so often and clarify what exactly Bush said. And how Bush kept trying to interrupt Kerry? Good lord that was beautiful. MAN, life is so good right now! Ko and I can’t stop randomly squeeing. Eee, I’m so glad the rehearsal schedule was changed so that I ended up being able to see the whole debate. I love what Jon Stewart said afterwards, how this was the moment when so much of his constituency stopped being “Anyone But Bush” supporters and started really taking pride in having Kerry as their candidate.


Bush’s pal “Vlod-mur”

“It’s hard work!” the 15th time

“Don’t forget Poland!”

I am on such an emotional high right now… Ko and I keep looking at each other and squealing. Life is so good!

1 To the tune of “Rosemary” from “How to Succeed…”