Another link post! 100% non-political!

The old Star Wars Gangsta Rap has been reanimated.

Jane Espenson and Joss Whedon are planning a Buffy Season 8 in Comic Book Form. The rabid Spuffy devotee in me just died a little. Maybe it will help that Jane is such an obvious Spuffy shipper, and the “High Stakes” Joss chat made it pretty clear that he prefers Spike over Angel (and the snippets we’ve gotten of Joss’ “Chosen” commentary would make any Spuffy shipper squeal with uncontrollabe glee), but still, wah. I guess we’ll find out if Joss was joking about the ending of “Not Fade Away”: (spoiler warning? Not really, because yeah, Joss was kidding) “…If you like, I can tell you [how it ends]. Gunn pretty much dies (gasp from back), Illyria lives, Spike, he got the Shanshu, um, Angel gets his arm cut off. Um… Xander loses another eye which is weird because he’s not even there.” Oh well. If there is no Spuffy, there’s always the happy land of Canon Denial and AU fanfiction.

A Halloween Treat from!

Okay, make that 75% politics free: “Avenue Q & A” — Bush and Kerry puppets battle on Broadway at Times Square in mock debate. Photos here!