::laughs uproariously:: I love the LJ-Insanity Meme. It’s so disturbingly true!

From The Musical as Nightcrawler makes us Happy. Color added digitally; I’ll post everything Keep in my AP Art Portfolio of all the most beautiful ship of faces: more pinhole image to Cassandra Claire! Philadelphia is so in my fandom. Bleh: mock! VSP launches!

So what are you waiting for? Send Cassie those pinholes! Do your part for the beautiful ship of faces! I think I’m going to make a t-shirt that says “Philadelphia is SO in my fandom.” After I make a shirt that says “I might just do a Weasley.” Naughty, naughty, JKR.

And in the words of LJ-Insanity!Me: Comment, please (for more of Lincoln Ignore anything you Loff)!

Woe, my Barnes & Noble hasn’t gotten their shipment of Monstrous Regiment in yet, so I’m now doing lots of homework in advance so that I can read it guilt-free when in arrives in the next few days. Whee! Of course, they did have the Entertainment Weekly issue featuring His Neilness, which is, as promised by the magazine title, quite entertaining. Yay Neil.

Health Update: I’m now feeling fine, except for the persistent cough. The coughing up of blood was apparently restricted to (and arguably a result of) Math class this morning. So yay. Maybe I’ll rewatch the new Lord of the Rings trailer and pretend that footatge of Legolas fighting and flailing and being poncy is actually Orlando Bloom giving me chicken soup. Or better yet, Billy Boyd.