• We begin… And everything you see on the counter is probably only 2/3 of the junk I used.

  • Ears! MAN, that felt weird.

  • I make such a cute elf.

  • First layer on my face. It looks bright and ugly now, but it dries darker.

  • Third layer!

  • I spray my hair black, as there’s no way I’m wearing that horrid wig.

  • The Enochian symbols: a bit messy, but accurate. Someone so beautiful should not be so–nevermind.

  • Rachel and I painted my hands at warp speed, then I added The coat!

  • Close up of the finished product…

    I’ll post better pictures of the finished costume later. Now, lunch! Then math. I woke up at 8 this morning, thinking it would give me plenty of time to dress, eat breakfast, and be ready for class at 11, but not a chance. I was almost late, even without breakfast. I should have woken up at 7. Oh well.