To illustrate this example, I will use Emeril and examine the presence of torso spikes. According to the Punnet Square, his offspring would have the phenotype of either torso spikes present or no torso spikes present. When Emeril mates with Dave, who has torso spikes, the offspring (Gatch) has torso spikes as well. However, when Emeril mates with Elvis, who has no torso spikes, both offspring (Krycek and Hermione) do not have the torso spikes.

Only in a Biology final…

And today’s tangent: It’s Bonnie Wright! Oh, wait. I already had a tangent today, didn’t I? Strag.

I can’t believe no one has responded to my advice column. Come on, don’t you people have any pressing, burning questions that have to be answered by an internet geek with too much free time? Now send it all to!

Did you know that Hermione is actually Elvis’ illegitimate alien love child?

Ah, nothing like a good Biology take-home exam! We had to classify all these weird alien organisms, and to make things more fun, I gave them all names. At their current configuration, Hermione and Krycek are the offspring of Elvis and Emeril (Kell’s friend’s stuffed monkey). However, Emeril has been cheating on Elvis. He and Dave (who are brothers) had a child named Gatch. Gatch is the grandson of Milton. Milton’s sister, Smitty, is the deformed daughter of Kell and the aunt of Tanja, whose brother is a two-headed freak named Dwight. And that’s just the tip of the iceburg, baby! ::scampers off to destroy more lives::

I uploaded a different version of my Wormtail CG. Now the arm actually looks metallic. Froody. (The original has been moved here)

Elmo has been ranting about how fabulous the online comic “Boy Meets Boy” is. Well, tonight I finally took a look. It’s absolutely hilarious! ::still laughing::

Blogspot…. it’s… It’s BACK!! ::dashes off to get her Apekatt fix::

I’d like to take this opportunity to express that we all love Tanja. That is all.