Liz just told me about the greatest game in the history of man: Pretty Pretty Popes. You have to earn an encyclical, a cross, a robe, and a meiter. And then you put on the popehat and say “I’m the prettiest pope in the land!”

Wouldn’t you like to play?

Congrats to Kell! She got an A on her froody Sundowner poster. Now she can take a nap.

Ah, the amusement of translating my blog into crazy drug talk. “I was wearing my inferior quality marijuana coat..”, “I think I smoke marijuana Nathan with my coat.”, “I forgot that LSD Break and Paris Original were funny”, “Laura Marijuana in the Heroin House”. ::cackles::

All RMLers should die. The past few weeks, they’ve only been sending about 30 emails per day, but when Keith came back (YAY!), he started agitating the crowd because of a lack of mail (consideration for my Hell Week), and last night they sent over 200 messages. I’m still reading them. ::frowls::

Booyeah! I must say that we had an absolutely fabulous performance tonight. I can’t wait until Friday when I get to be Smitty again. Tonight and Saturday night I get to be a nameless secretary (Though I dubbed myself Derek Wasabi Spockmonkey III). I thought we were all going to die, because some of the cast and crew members managed to say the name of The Scottish Play five times! Since then, I started counting how many minor disasters occurred.

  1. Right before the play started, one of the flats backstage fell on Bern, one of the lead characters (Bud Frump). He was fine, though.
  2. During a scene change, John (Mr. Twimble) and Joe (lots of random roles) ran into each other. John got a bloody nose. It might be broken.
  3. Casey (a secretary) got to talk to herself for a while because Haley (a secretary; my double) forgot to come on stage. For the fifth time in a row. AAARG!
  4. The slide show was hell. I had to redo the slides that morning because they were too dark, but whoever loaded the projector was a moron. None of the slides were in order. I felt so sorry for Joe, who was trying to run the projector.
  5. I forgot that I was supposed to forget my coat. I was ready at the top of the stairs for my cue, but I realized that I was wearing my green coat, which was supposed to be backstage. I had to run all the way around the theatre, throw it downstairs, run back, and return about half a second before I was supposed to go on. I think I hit Nathan with my coat. Of corse, Casey and Rita were panicking, because Haley wasn’t there for Casey to talk to, and I wasn’t there for Rita to talk to. Right in the.. TA DA! Nick of time.

However, the play had it’s high moments. After rehearsing for 3 1/2 months, I forgot that Coffee Break and Paris Original were funny. :) It was so much fun. Also, Christine and Mackenzie were there, so that was nifty. Also, Steven (my kiwi history tutor) and Larissa (his girlfriend) came. Mrs. Marcus actually left early from a luncheon with Laura Bush in the White House to see me perform. Ye-Gods. I had no idea! Also, my voice teacher, Mrs. Glaros; head of the fine arts, Mr. Long; and his fiancee, Ms. Booker; and my Biology teacher, Dr. Fishel; and her son. I first saw Dr. Fishel and her son during Paris Original, right before I said my line. I didn’t want to say “dammit” in front of a kid! Oy. Oh well, I suppose that compared to saying my nymphomaniac line in front of my father, that was nothing.

“Cinderella Darling” was fabulous. All the girls agreed that this performance was the best we had ever done this song. I felt such a high when we finished that song! ::squeals:: Usually, I flub up the “don’t rewrite your story” line, and the Monday before the performance was the first time I actually nailed the song. At this performance, we went beyond nailing the song. All I can say is “wow”. “Been a Long Day” and “Coffee Break” were great, too. ::sigh:: I love musical theatre. I wonder if this entry has any coherence at all.

The play is in less than 13 hours… oh, God… I know they say that a bad dress rehearsal is the sign of a great play, but that would mean that our play would be fabulous. Both dress rehearsals were awful. The makeup people are insane! They gave me this blood red eyeshadow all the way up to my eyebrows. I looked like a lobotomy patient! Ye-Gods. Thankfully, I don’t have to wear it like that any more. ::squirms:: 12 hours, 40 minutes, 59 seconds…

Yay! It’s Zim! Clockwise from top left: the Tallest (2), Dib, G.I.R., and Zim. G.I.R. is saying “Doom doom doom” (download the doom song)

I’m so relieved! I didn’t get in to AP U.S. History! ::does a happy dance:: Ugh, I can’t believe I tried out. There’s no way I could have handled that stress level.

Oy. Today is our last rehearsal for H2$. I’m terrified. Yesterday was a complete disaster! 3 major charcters missed their cues, forcing me to improvise like heck. And the rest of the cast wasn’t willing to improvise! In the last scene, Rita (Mrs. Krumholtz) was supposed to talk to me, then I answer her, then ask a question to Jenkins, then he answers me, then Rita has another line. I was standing next to Annabel and Casey (or “Chang and Potter”, as I like to call them), and trying to get it across to Annabel that I wanted her to say Rita’s line. It’s really simple: “Hey Smitty, heard any news yet?” However, she refused to speak. Of course, Jenkins was waiting for these lines for his entrance cue, so he didn’t come in. Eventually, he saw that Rita wasn’t there, and came down. We were able to salvage it from there. Ugh.

In “Been a Long Day”, my hat fell off seven times. And of course, it’s just me, Rosemary, and Finch on the stage. It’s incredibly noticeable.

In the first scene of Act 2, I’m supposed to talk with Rita a bit, then Rosemary comes in, then I talk with Rosemary, and we burst into “Cinderella Darling”. Well, I talked with Rita, but Rosemary never came. I tried to ad lib some lines, but Rita wouldn’t say anything. I tried to ask her some questions in order to stop the lull that was building, but she just answered shortly and directly, so that I wouldn’t have anything to play off of. It was tragedy. Then Miss Felice started yelling backstage, taking it all out on poor Ricky, the Percy Weasley clone, who had reported to Miss Felice that everyone was in their place. She didn’t even consider that Taylor, who played Rosemary, wasn’t where she was supposed to be. Ricky has enough to remember!

Also, Doug, a member of the chorus, was never on-time for his scenes. He destroyed a scene between J.B. Biggley and Hedy, who were supposed to keep getting interrupted, but no interruption came! Yarg. Then in Company Way: Reprise, he didn’t come on stage at all, forcing one of the other guys to carry Frump off the stage. They were counting on Doug, because he’s a huge rugby player. ::frowls:: At least we’re getting all these mistakes out of our systems before opening night tomorrow. ::cringe::

Wish me luck! I’ll need it.