I just watched most of Monty Python and the Holy Grail with French subtitles. Don’t ask why. Don’t try to explain the decisions behind the actions of the JETS.

We threw Nancy a “Senior Sendoff” party today. We all went to Mr. Loh’s room after exams, then we surprised Nancy with all the stuff we got for her from our trip to Target. She loved it. Then, we watched most of the movie I’d been recording so that Nancy can remember us better when she goes to college. Then we went to Shrek, which was absolutely fantastic. ::applauds at niftiness:: Then we went to Chilis, which has become the official JETS hangout. It turns out that the waiter who snubbed us last time for having too big a group is now working as the Night-Shift Manager at Kroger. HA! Loser. We saw him there, visiting his waiter friends. His name is Brian. Unfortunately, he left before we were able to talk to him. After a fun-filled meal of inuendo and other amusing topics, we went to my house, where we finished the video and watched the subbed Monty Python. Ah, the glory of DVDs.