Just got off the phone with Raoul Bhaneja, who played Kirmani on the Dresden Files TV show. What a great guy–so generous with his time! He talked for over an hour, mostly about his Hamlet (solo) project and the Dresden Files, but also branching out into musings on the sci-fi/fantasy genre and its emergence from the fringe to a centerpiece of pop culture and dramatic storytelling. It was somewhat difficult to get a word in edgewise, but as he was covering all the questions I’d planned for him on his own, it wasn’t necessary to steer the interview in any other direction.

I’ll have to give some thought to how I’m going to release it. As the longest episodes of the Butcher Block have landed at the 45 minute mark, with most episodes hovering near 30, I’m not sure how the hour-long running time will go over with our listenership. T’will be something to ponder!

In other news… iPhones allow you to program a number of alarms, to repeat on specific days and suchlike. I just had the ecstatic pleasure of turning the “Weekend Work” alarm OFF. OH, RAPTURE! I’m off Sunday and I’m on call Saturday, but hopefully I won’t be summoned. Finally, I’ll be able to get stuff done! Stuff like sleep. Sleep is good stuff to do. I think I’ll do some now.