Watched the last of Wonderfalls. Hilarious, charming, and clever, but I think I can see why it got cancelled. While in its short run it stayed fresh and inventive, I could see it getting repetitive rather quickly. Boo to Fox, hearts to Tim Minear, and uncontrollable giggles to Jewel Staite.

Why is it that all our Big Damn Actors are evil in their later Whedon and Minear incarnations? A misogynistic preacher serving as the right-hand man of the First Evil, an evil goddess that robs the world of free will and is responsible for the horrors of Connor/Cordy, the manifestation of the Senior Partners, and the Wicked Wife of the West. Go figure. And at least they had sufficient prior notice of cancellation in order to wrap everything satisfactorily. Didn’t Angel only have five episodes’ notice?

Anyway, Brenna: I’ve been using the “official” BitTorrent client, and recently BlogTorrent, because it set itself as default and I see no compelling reason to expend the effort to switch back. Using BitTorrent is easy. Download a client, then go to a site that has offers torrents, like those you listed. Click/open the torrent file. The file transfer should start automatically. Email me if you have any problems. Priscellie at gmail.