(contains spoilers for Wonderfalls and mid-season 1 Lost)

Last spring break, Chungy needed to catch up on Lost episodes, so we had a marathon at my house. One of the episodes we watched was “All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues”, in which Jack and crew go off in search of the kidnapped Charlie and Claire, and they find Charlie hung from a tree. I knew Chungy would be glancing at me every so often for clues of what would happen next, and if it was going to be good or bad, so I made myself tear up when they found Charlie’s body, so that Chungy would conclude that he was, in fact, dead, rather than knowing that it would all be okay in the end, and that Jack would bring him back through the power of brute force.

That sentence was far too long.

Anyway, Ko and I watched the rest of Wonderfalls today, Aristotle be damned. Because I didn’t want Ko to have any idea that it all turned out right in the end, I decided to toy with a friend’s brain once again! As Ko agonized over the Jaye/Eric/Heidi triangle, I responded to her complains in a bitter tone, subtly hinting that Eric and Heidi would be together in the end, and that I was as annoyed with the finale as she was. It made it all the more squeeish when our OTP was preserved, and all ended happily.

In sum, messing with people’s expectations is fun! And that’s all I have to say about that.