Last night, I dreamed that Obama had polio, but he still managed to win Dancing With the Stars.

WTF, brain.

Anyway, today continues my Unending Work Week Streak. I’ve had one day off since Memorial Day, and I’ll be working both today and tomorrow and all through next week. Hopefully I’ll get next weekend off. Why did my job have to wait until I had a boyfriend to get crazy?


(larger versions here)

From Best Week Ever: “Barack and Michelle Obama last night, celebrating the Democratic presidential nomination he so rightly deserves, and being just about the cutest, coolest couple imaginable while doing so. I’m really glad our next president is the kind of dude who fist-bumps his wife (everyone knows high-fiving is for Republicans).”

And the promised Crazpants Terry McAuliffe clip.

Jon Stewart: “So your philosophy is to act as deranged as possible and hope they just give you the country?”

*chortles* Terry McAuliffe is on the Daily Show. This is funnier than any Democratic primary parody I’ve ever seen. I’ll post a link when it goes up on tomorrow. XD


You have lost. Endorse Obama and concede with dignity. You are a laughingstock.

You are such an amazing person. You have done so much for this country, and you will do so much more! Why are you cheapening yourself with this charade?

Edit: Mmm, there you are, Obama. Soothe my Hillary ire!

He and Michelle just exchanged a fist bump. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH BE MY FIRST FAMILY NOW PLZ.

That was the most AWESOME voice-over session EVER. I just recorded ten lines in a language I do not speak. :D

(And the character’s name I was reading for? Molly. Gotta love those weird coincidences!)


Hilarious: Young Hillary Clinton

Very cool article with the best headline ever: Monkeys Control Robots With Their Minds

And in a similar vein: Monkey vs. Robot

Star Wars: That’s What She Said!

Human Tetris is coming to America. It’s going to be on Fox. There is something perfect about this news.

Oldest Live-Birth Fossil Found; Fish Had Umbilical Cord. Cthulhu fhtagn!

This is really nerdy, but… I wish they had these when I was in college. Sheer Post-It Notes! Genius!

Tonight, I’m taking a bus to D.C. for a spontaneous day trip! As tomorrow’s weather looks ominous, I’m planning to take the MUSEUMS! route rather than the MONUMENTS! route. Fred has been gathering recommendations here. So far, the International Spy Museum is sounding the most appealing, but I am also drawn to the Mall’s sheer concentration of awesome museums. I’ll have to research more this afternoon.

To catch up on my blogging: Friday night, I went on a date that included food and an Improv Everywhere event. Alex and I were both excited about it, but the event ended up crashing and burning. The idea was cool, but it was raining, and the IE folks had difficulty coordinating everything, and we ended up standing out in the rain and wind with an inadequate umbrella on the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge for an hour and a half. My light jacket wasn’t really up for the chore. And the umbrella broke from the wind ten minutes before we left, so we got soaked. When I got home and saw myself in the mirror, my skin was bloodless white. I looked like a consumptive waif. I had to sit in a hot bath for twenty minutes before I felt like a human again.

Yet shockingly, I had a great time. The dinner beforehand was excellent (Thai!), and conversation was fun. We’re never short of fodder for discussion, and he’s just the right amount of geeky that I feel neither like a hopeless dork nor somehow inadequate in my geekishness. And Saturday, Alex is going to cook dinner for me, so I call this major win. :D


Obama Adopted into Crow Nation. I. Love. This. Man. Can he be my president RIGHT NOW?

Steven Moffat to be Doctor Who Lead Writer and Executive Producer! YEEE!

Two new videos from Potter Puppet Pals!

Cover for Pterry’s upcoming Nation!

Awesome photo series of Children’s Drawings Brought to Life

Ben Stein: Science Kills. Good thing religion has never killed anyone, am I right?

Pretty sweet: Animatic version of the first issue of Joss’ “Astonishing X-Men.”

Excellent article: Your Friends Are Not Watching the Same Show You Are (And That’s Okay).

And a new FotC music video.

Still working on the NYCC post and a post about my daaaaaaaaaaate last Friday (no, not with the Gaiman guy–loser still hasn’t called me), but in the meantime… I was on the news in Japan! Strange, I didn’t remember the camera crew, but I guess I just assumed they were associated with the event itself and shooting coverage.

For those that missed it, here’s the ad! It’s now one of the top 15 finalists.