ADDENDUM TO LAST POST: I am an Obama supporter through and through. Not Ron Paul. I guess I didn’t make that clear, as a couple people have commented/emailed me about it.


Hence the existence of an “Obama is awesomesauce” tag and no tag for Ron Paul.

Project Runway. So… do the judges even remember their prom? You don’t want you look cute and young and 17, you want to look mature and elegant. Sweet Pea should have won! The only dresses I would have worn to prom were hers or Chris’. Victorya’s = Fug. Well, it’s cute, but it’s also cheap-looking and unflattering. While it may be a decent choice for a mixer or party, it is NOT appropriate for a prom!

Also, I feel so terribly wicked for thinking this, but even though I loathe Christian and want to slap him in the face whenever I see him, I kind of want him to stay on the show for the time being (though leave well before Bryant Park). Yes, his clothes are often rather interesting–albeit TRAGICALLY 80s–but he makes such a lovely TARGET for the natural drama of competition, and we need someone to mock now that Elisa is gone.

P.S. HAHAHAHA a girl looking for a designer for her prom dress chose Chris’ portfolio over Victorya’s? OHSNAP!

Some entertaining links for joo:

AMPTP vs. WGA: Jocks versus Nerds. There’s an 80s movie to be made here, if only we had someone to write it!

Mad TV: Under Barack Obama

Bill Gates’ last day at Microsoft — Gates rocks for doing this.

Barack Obama. WOW, how awesome was he tonight? I had never heard of him before. Now I want to move to Illinois just to be able to vote for him.

How soon can he run for President?