Man, I don’t know what’s up with me lately! You could probably count the number of posts I’ve made since graduation without taking your shoes off. A lot of stuff has happened! Let me tell you all about it.

Tuesday, I signed the lease for my first real apartment! It’s at 6th and Avenue D, and it’s huuuuuuuuge, yet reasonably priced! I’ll be rooming with Sangita Vyas, who I’ve known since I was four. We both went to Hockaday together for all 14 years, then we both went to Penn, and now we’re both living in New York! Jinkies! I spent this and yesterday evening browsing home furnishings/accessories and getting ideas and taking pictures. Now I can make little room mockups in Photoshop (or OMG IN MAYA!) so I don’t take any big plunges without due thought. I am a geek!

One of the places I checked out was called ABC Carpet and Home. With a name like that, you’d imagine it would be a pretty cheap place, yes? Quite the contrary. They were selling little decorative pillows for more than I make in a week. But I spent half an hour browsing its six stories, because I kept getting ideas as to how I could make stuff that gave off a similar vibe really inexpensively. I am feeling so crafty right now!

Tonight I also shopped for a mattress. Without thinking, I got a twin, as that’s what I’ve always slept in, but upon further reflection, I might change my mind tomorrow and upgrade to a full. I can change my order without penalty as long as I notify them before they deliver it on Saturday. Gotta love great customer satisfaction policies! I’ll most likely stick with the twin, but it’s fun to know I have the option.

In short: WOOHOO.