I think I qualify for having the Weirdest Day Before 9:30 AM.

Sangita, my roommate, had to work late last night and didn’t get home until 2. Therefore, she planned to go in late to work this morning, so we wouldn’t be walking together as we usually do, as we work a block away from each other. My rockin’ new Docs arrived from Zappos last night, and I decided to wear them to work to break them in. However, I didn’t want to give myself blisters, I decided to take the bus rather than walking the .8 miles to the nearest subway stop. The bus seemed to be going more slowly than usual, so I decided to get off at Union Square rather than at the more direct 6th and 14th stop and take the N/R/Q/W rather than the F/V, which might shave a few minutes off my overall time.

And after this barrage totally uncharacteristic transportation decisions, who did I randomly end up standing next to on the subway? Maura Walsh, my best friend in middle school, who I hadn’t seen since she moved to Boston after 8th grade. It turns out we live and work only a few blocks away from each other, and we’re both in advertising! Weeeeeeeiiiiiird.