From Twitter 07-24-2010

  • 00:32:36: Was considering ordering a second margarita, but then I saw that Jim had posted a new chapter to the beta list. TIPSYBETA!
  • 00:38:33: @Esperacchius I haven’t seen a single Harry! You are unchallenged at SDCC.
  • 12:36:07: @SheckyX I fell asleep mid-beta. At 11pm. Comic Con is HARD. Also, margaritas are tasty.
  • 23:57:37: Today I: 1. Chatted at length with Camden Toy, @AntonStrout, and a multitude of Penguin editors; 2. Lost and found my credit card;
  • 23:58:56: Today I: 3. Bought, had signed, & shipped home 19 lbs of @booksforboobs; witnessed Pat Rothfuss mansqueeing at @AntonStrout from 1 ft away;

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