From Twitter 07-23-2010

  • 03:18:51: @myyrdneopia Are you sure @Chris_Paolini is authentic? He told me today he didn’t tweet or blog…
  • 04:04:11: Home from #w00tstock! It lasted until 12:36, approx 11% of which was The Pirate Song. All performers exceptionally drunk. FREE MOLLY!
  • 04:10:27: RT @nataliemorales: Start spreading the news: Saturday. 4 pm. Viper Booth. Javi & I will be there. So will our comic book. Can’t wait to …
  • 04:24:29: Superheroes vs. the WBC! I would’ve loved to have been there, but I didn’t dare miss Rothfuss and Sanderson!
  • 05:08:21: @Esperacchius Oh, urgh, that’s tough. Long-distange hugs, man.
  • 11:42:21: I’m Molly Carpenter today! If you see me at #sdcc10, say hi!
  • 11:45:07: RT @rekjackson: I am seriously going to watch this video ten times a day for the rest of my life.
  • 12:08:11: @DC_Zol I’m still “Proven Guilty” Molly, but I think this will be my last time. I want to update the costume with her “Changes” look.
  • 13:14:09: Thanks to Karl Urban for participating in Project Teddy Bear! @lisawalkscom #startrek
  • 14:06:15: I’m about to get a @theguild DVD signed by the cast and a Felicia Day bear for Project Teddybear/@lisawalkscom! Thanks, @jamie1km!
  • 15:27:45: Gallant says, “Excuse me; may I take your picture?” Goofus pokes you in the back and says, “Hey, I need your picture.” Don’t be Goofus.
  • 22:20:25: Molly Carpenter invades Comic Con! (That’s my jacket gaping open, btw, not a huge boob)
  • 22:20:49: Another Molly!
  • 23:15:33: @Esperacchius She never does! Lacing boots takes precious seconds away from valuable Hitting On Harry time.
  • 23:18:01: @GreenieXIII Yup, I’m wearing it! I designed the version for sale on the site. I also have a SplatterCon!!! Badge.

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