From Twitter 01-22-2010

  • 01:11:03: Mwaha, going home! Because it was either that, or be the last person still at work…
  • 02:12:46: RT @AtomicOvermind: All 12 episodes of Dresden Files for free on Youtube (legally!) // Hulu, too.
  • 02:27:44: @jimmyaquino What a little trooper! Poor dear. Hope she overcomes this latest obstacle soon!
  • 02:28:10: @Dark_Puck Yes, you are. What reminded you of the fact?
  • 08:40:34: @ShipLizard Yes! After the godawfulness of last season and Bravo’s attempts at replacing PR, we finally have our show back!
  • 09:15:31: RT @whedonesque: [ Post ] (SPOILER) interviews Jane Espenson about Caprica’s gay character
  • 10:28:11: @jimmyaquino Sweet! I’d forgotten those were still in the works. Excited to see how they translate.
  • 10:30:52: Heh. The word “translate” got me friended by @iRosetta. I love the unholy fusion of add-bots and ambiguous language.
  • 11:28:57: RT @caaquino: Germany’s done it: Obama, the musical
  • 11:40:17: @ShannonKButcher Tomorrow!
  • 17:14:42: Huh. I mentally prepared for the worst, so now that the results are merely “quite bad,” I’m kind of okay with it. Psychology is weird.
  • 18:25:00: Brought peppermint extract in preparation this morning, so the whole room shared chocolate and peppermint milkshakes. The world is better.
  • 18:55:41: For those who asked, it’s medical stuff. I’ll be fine, and there’s no need to worry. It’s just really sucktastic. You guys are not. <3
  • 22:29:34: Watching “The Deep End.” Mmm, Mehcad Brooks looks YUMMY in a suit! And Tina Majorino is always a delight.
  • 22:56:00: …great job, Caprica. Make the terrorist a brown dude.
  • 23:55:49: RT @mightykatemusic: here are some pix from our fan listening party – it was a great night!
  • 23:56:23: @mightykatemusic It was such a great night! I can’t wait to celebrate your awesomeness once again at the release party!

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