From Twitter 01-21-2010

  • 00:05:57: @mkcurry He wore it for his entire reading! It was a most august occasion.
  • 00:37:45: Oh! “Get an address!” I thought Hardison said “I will hit you as soon as I get in a dress.” This episode just got 37% less fun. :D
  • 00:38:06: But then he was shirtless, so it got fun again!
  • 01:58:54: RT @feliciaday: Wow. Best coverage of Conan/Leno ever: (via Omer) keep watching for Conan Hulk!
  • 02:29:32: RT @CA_Young: F*** you, State of Florida, for treating women like chattel in the creepiest ways imaginable.
  • 10:59:37: “The Eye of the Tiger” is stuck in my head. Here, now it can be stuck in yours.
  • 12:17:28: @xiehicks – Aww, who’s momma’s little computer genius? She is such a cutie pie!
  • 15:57:16: @KevinConn Consider them thinked. Best of luck, man.
  • 16:16:25: @vampirecowboys WOOHOO! So excited for “Alice in Slasherland”! Wonder how many times I’m going to see it. Does “a million” work for you?
  • 17:03:42: RT @amber_benson: Yay, Cindy McCain!
  • 19:49:29: @Dark_Puck If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to, I think you’re supposed to go to the Home Tree.
  • 21:23:52: Blergh. Practically everyone in the office ordered dinner from Lobster Shack. The room reeks of shellfish.

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