From Twitter 12-22-2009

  • 00:02:12: RT @BreakingNews: US to impose three-hour limit on how long airline passengers can be kept waiting on airport tarmacs.
  • 00:05:54: Man. If only that rule had been in place when I sat on the tarmac for FIVE HOURS before my flight was CANCELED, going to SDCC 2008.
  • 00:23:37: RT @Islandwoo: Photo: NYC Snowball Fight in Times Square (via thisisalexking1)
  • 00:35:15: RT @billyqc: Ahh, folksy homespun bigotry! RT @LisaKenney “Fuck G.Keillor”
  • 00:40:21: RT @BrandonSandrson: If you missed it on Friday, I posted a free short story as a holiday thank-you to my readers:
  • 00:46:21: @spodalicious HOLY COW HOLY COW HOLY COW THAT’S AWESOME! CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve it!
  • 00:47:37: @NeilMSchwartz What, seriously? I see multiple rats on the subway tracks each week.
  • 01:00:06: RT @OKBJGM: “the middleman – the collected series indispensability” is finally back on amazon…kinda in time for xmas!
  • 01:09:30: @gypsyjr I love it!
  • 01:11:04: There’s a fic waiting for me at AO3. We waaaaaants it! Is it Christmas yet?
  • 01:19:43: @Uilos Ficcity ficfic?
  • 09:59:13: Freaking OW. Was running to catch the bus when my foot slipped on slippery pavement, I twisted my ankle, and I fell, banging my knee.
  • 10:00:01: Is it vacation time yet? At least the bus driver stopped and let me hobble on.
  • 11:05:47: They switched around our workstations yesterday.
  • 11:05:49: Now I’m trapped in the windowless 3D pit, using monitors with a max resolution of 1280×1024. Like an ANIMAL.
  • 11:22:01: Hey! The extension here is the first three numbers of my actual phone number! That’s awesome! I now hate this station somewhat less.
  • 12:57:40: “We should have Christmas every month. It makes people more efficient.” –Adam
  • 20:17:35: Cleaned up in the holiday gift exchange! Got a mug w/ peppermint cocoa mix, cookies, and a cranberry caramel scented candle.
  • 20:17:50: Today did not altogether suck!

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