From Twitter 12-21-2009

  • 00:13:01: What is the etymology of “slanket”? My pet theory is “slacker blanket.”
  • 00:13:37: @sue_sue4 Yup! It got set up last Monday.
  • 01:46:05: Woohoo, finished my Yuletide fic! This fandom has its first non-crossover fanfiction!
  • 02:29:36: Woohoo, Yuletide fic submitted, most of a day early! Quite an improvement over last year, when I submitted at 8:51 for a 9:00 deadline.
  • 10:14:56: RT @neilhimself: My friend @jessebdylan just tweeted Plastic Toys Reformed Into Grotesque Art — go and look. Amazi …
  • 12:05:40: Lovely. Someone at work screwed up, and no one knew I was taking the day off. Bureaucracy fail.
  • 16:09:23: “Benjamin Franklin was the Tony Stark of the Revolution.” –@Uilos
  • 19:37:20: Katness is on her way home. Am now wrapping presents in a Starbucks. I love wrapping presents. My anal-retentive streak is unleashed!
  • 19:42:34: Eavesdropping on dude talking about coworkers, Todd and Achilles.
  • 22:56:51: Augh! Forgot to change subscription preferences for Yuletide pinch hits group. Deluged by emails!

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