From Twitter 09-28-2009

  • 00:12:14: Sent the “First Lord’s Fury” sample chapters to Fred. The first will be posted tomorrow night at midnight! (MDT, I believe)
  • 15:00:43: @boymonster You have taught him well!
  • 18:53:42: @ShannonKButcher Oddly enough, I’m doing a stage combat workshop called “Rabid Vamps.” Perhaps Jim is taking his exercise literally?
  • 21:27:11: Stuck at work once again. Must be… oh, wait, it’s EVERY DAY.
  • 21:31:21: RT @mtvmoviesblog: Disney Prepares To Replace Johnny Depp In ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Franchise // HAHAHAHA
  • 21:32:41: @fredhicks “Sleep Camel” is a fantastic expression and I am stealing it for my own nefarious purposes, whatever they may be.
  • 22:23:12: 3 1/2 hours until the 1st sample chapter of “First Lord’s Fury” goes up at! Will I still be at work? Wouldn’t be surprised.
  • 22:31:53: @Uilos You know where my loyalties lie!

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