From Twitter 09-27-2009

  • 10:14:42: Your daily LOL: Harry Potter meets Inglorious Basterds —
  • 10:26:58: Richard Castle book signing for Heat Wave. — come on, @NathanFillion, you know you want to do one in NYC, too!
  • 19:15:46: Whew! Back from Week 2 of Rabid Vamps. @beyondabsurdity kicked my butt once again, though I’m not in as much pain as last week. Improvement!
  • 19:16:25: @ksmccarthy24 I am all yours!
  • 19:18:13: Oh! And at some point in today’s workout, I regained the ability to breathe through both nostrils! Thanks, @beyondabsurdity!
  • 19:21:48: @xiehicks *high-pitched squeak* Oh my LORD, that’s adorable. Mommy and baby look so happy! Camping must agree with you. :D
  • 19:23:39: @Uilos *flyingleaptacklehugs* Better?
  • 19:28:56: Happy Birthday, @vampirecowboys! Hope you, @beyondabsurdity, and Baby Badass do something special together.
  • 19:38:18: @gypsyjr @dark_puck “Up” had me in tears in the first 20 minutes. No human is safe! It’s better than Voight-Kampff.
  • 19:48:56: @Dark_Puck Ooh! We talked about mythopoesis in my fairytales class. Did you know Tolkien coined that word?
  • 20:29:15: RT @BreakingNews: PAP news agency: France and Poland to ask the U.S. to drop child rape charges against Roman Polanski. // WORLDS OF FAIL.
  • 21:13:44: Looking back through Comic Con pictures. Just spotted @OKBJGM’s “Sargasso Planet” t-shirt! Well played, sir. :D
  • 21:26:07: Kind of freaked out at how skinny I look in my Wendy Watson costume. Comic Con Me needs to eat a cheeseburger.
  • 23:30:29: HURRAH! “Lie to Me” and “Castle” don’t conflict! Eagerly anticipating tomorrow’s LtM premiere.

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