Kat wins at life. Kat wins the internet. Kat wins fanfiction and friendship and brownie challenges all at once! Kat secretly wrote me Molly/Carlos and has been conning me for the entire two month duration of the ficathon! She even wrote a second fic for me to beta to con me, because I said I’d be her beta! KAT WINS EVERYTHING.

In case the squee fails to translate to English, here’s The Chronology of Kat’s Awesomeness:

  • February: I sign up for the Dresden Files ficathon. Because I am me, one of my prompt options is for Molly/Carlos. I guess Kat included that as a ship she was willing to write.
  • Late March: Assignments are sent out! Kat and I gossip, and we decide that we will beta for each other, as usual. She claims to have Harry/Murphy snarky fluff. Somewhere in California, Kat cackles maniacally. Far away, in New York, Priscilla has no idea. KAT IS SNEAKY.
  • Late April: Kat informs me that Bard has posted in her LJ, asking for help digging up certain details for her ficathon story, and she needs the help of the Canon Goddess (me). Three out of four are about Molly or Carlos. I squee like a crazywoman, as Bard writes great Ramirez and I would love to see her take on my favourite ship. In reality, Bard is Kat’s beta, asking questions for her to deter suspicion. KAT COULD WORK FOR THE CIA.
  • Last week: I’m scrambling like a mad scrambling thing to finish my fic (which will be posted later this week, as I’m still nowhere near done), wondering idly why Kat hasn’t asked me to beta her story. Finally, she hands off a delightful Harry/Murphy fic, which I beta for her. Hurrah! I am so completely suckered.
  • Tonight: Kat IMs me, telling me to check my flist, where I see her story. KAT WINS CHRISTMAS.

    So in conclusion: EEEEEEE.