Whereas I spent months searching for the perfect elements for my Nightcrawler and Maeve costumes, I found the perfect Delirium coat and dress in TEN MINUTES of shopping. Triumph, she is mine! Peek-choors: 01, 02, and 03.

I’ve only put in one of four hair wefts so far, so the extensions will look pretty sparse here. It will look much more wild and full when I’m finished, and the extensions will start higher up on the head, so they look more integrated with the wig and less tacked-on.

Anyway, I love that hideous dress! Turns out the thrift store shopkeeper got it in yesterday, so good timing me! And apart from the shoulders, where it gets a big large, it fits me like a glove. It couldn’t fit the bodice and waist and stuff better if I had it tailored. And the top part doesn’t bother me. When has Delirium ever worn clothes that fit her?