We at Cult of Lincoln felt that the first episode of Fire At My Workplace was so successful we decided to bring it back for Round Two!

First, we noticed the smell of smoke. Then, we noticed the five firetrucks outside (the other two were in the other direction). Then we noticed the steady stream of smoke emanating from the the sewer grate nearest our building and a flickering red glow coming from below, with occasional mini-explosions therein. A fireman removed the sewer grate… and the fire TRIPLED in intensity! In the red-orange glow, we could discern actual flames! Hey, maybe we shouldn’t be breathing this stuff in. After about fifteen minutes of us gawking, they turned on the hose. Then after about ten minutes of that, the fire still wasn’t completely out, and they changed the direction of the hose.

And then I went back to work. Not sure what’s happening now. But it’s probably awesome.