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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The word of the day is BWEE. Close runner up, however, is "Hobo." Today I met not only John Hodgman, and not only Jonathan Coulton, but also David Rees and Amy Sedaris.

I arrived at about 6:20 and was horrified to see a huge line of people out the door and partway down the block. However, once we filed in to the actual auditorum, I was able to snag a wing seat in the third row, which others must have assumed was reserved. I couldn't have had a better view! If I had a long stick, I could have touched them. It was also an optimum seat for surreptitious recording of audio. Unfortunately, my batteries started dying almost immediately, so I wasn't able to get any of David or Amy's presentations. Tomorrow, I'll post the audio I managed to record, along with pictures.

John Hodgman served as the Master of Ceremonies of sorts. He and Jonathan Coulton took the stage first, regaling the audience with tales of hobos and songs of candy mountains. They make an excellent performing duo, and there were times I thought the ancient auditorium seats would break under the strain of our violent laughter.

Then John introduced David Rees, who supplied is with a keen insight into the Alphabet Song and showed us some highly amusing cartoons. Then John interviewed Amy, which was hilarious on John's part and kind of disappointing on Amy's. We learned many tips on how to hostess and how to properly don pantyhose so they don't snag. We also learned that John Hodgman's wife does not have talons, nor is she a gryphon. Then a lackey made Amy's cheeseball recipe while they answered questions from the audience. All in all, a lovely evening.

Afterwards, after waiting in the insanely long line for autographs, I got to chat with the guys, who were great. The three were fascinated by Das Book when I asked them to sign it, especially Jonathan Coulton. We had a rather long conversation, as far as autograph lines go. See all the autographs! Alas, Amy violated Jonathan's instruction to not write below a given line. The drama that must have ensued!

You can also see my scrawled intentions to ask him about who might win in a fight between Lincoln, Wilson, and a pack of Mole Men. Instead, I asked him about his daughter, known only as "Hodgmina," who I learned has advanced significantly since the publication of Areas of My Expertise, as children are wont to do. I imagine that like her mother, she has no talons or other gryphon-like properties, but Mr. Hodgman did not broach the subject. He did however compliment my "Ask Me How I Became a Pirate" shirt. He asked if I had a hobo shirt, and when I said I didn't, he instructed me to get one at my earliest convenience. I'm tempted to paint the H in sunrays on the front of a hoodie.

And now I'm exhausted and going to bed. La!

Priscilla said at 10:02 PM

jealousss that sounds awesome!! but i'm glad you had a good night after all your crazystress these last few weeks!

and i want a hobo shirt now, too!

You only didn't ask because you KNEW he would say Wilson. That's it, isn't it? Tsk. You really should make the Hobo sweatshirt.

I recently bought The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2006, and it includes the chapter about the Hobo War as well as the 700 hobo names. It is under a heading labeled, "The Best American Things to Know About Hobos".
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