My meeting with Amy went swimmingly. The biggest problem I’ve had with my math/engineering classes is that all of it seems totally worthless. Well, it’s going to stop being worthless. I’m going to start an independent study with Norman Badler, and I’m going to learn how all this applies, and how to create special effects from scratch. This is exactly what I need! I don’t mind agony if it’s going somewhere cool. And this is what’s going to give me job security! Good, good stuff!

Also, while working out my schedule for this spring, I observed that I was two very cool-looking courses away from a Cinema Studies minor. I had bandied about the idea of minoring in Theatre Arts, but I need four more classes, and I wasn’t thrilled with the course selection. And I also found out that I can take Figure Drawing instead of the unexciting Drawing II to complete my Fine Arts minor! W00t!

I don’t want to look a gift-horse in the mouth, but how is Mirrormask suddenly playing in Philadelphia? I’ve visited this page on at least three seperate occasions, and Philadelphia wasn’t even on the radar. Thank you, Will, for telling me about it! I would have missed it, and MAN would I have been kicking myself. There would have been bruises.

Anyway, Will and his friends are going this Saturday, so hurrah! I’ll have to gather some friends, and we can all go together. My people totally owe me for skipping out on seeing Serenity. *grins*

Update: Feeling better about life, though still hormonal. I’m meeting with Amy at 2 tomorrow to discuss my options. Also, Will used to be a tutor for 262, and he has graciously offered his services.

Listening to happy-making music, catching up on homework, and eating delicious Pasta a la Cellie. Getting better all the time.

Broke down in loud, gulping, unpretty tears over current schedule, future schedule, loathing of all engineering classes in general, and general academic angst, triggered by CSE 262 homework. Sobbed uselessly at desk for some 15 minutes before giving up and going downstairs to be comforted by Ko, Deep, and Nikki. Feeling better, despite nothing actually being solved. Now emailing 262 professor re: tutoring. Will not go into further detail here, because I’ll just start crying again. Parents: I’ll call you tomorrow.

I love the sheer badness of Smallville. It’s like watching a train crash that lasts five years. It was great to see James again! Does anyone know if he dyes his hair? I don’t remember it being that reddish in Winding Roads. Of course, there’s always the “covering up the gray” issue, so he probably does.

The height difference between James and Tom is adorable. On Buffy, the camera was always kind to James, and you didn’t really notice he was short until he stood next to Riley or Adam. Or Xander. Or that vamp he tells to “find something to eat” in “School Hard.” Now, there’s just a subtle sense of HA HA LOOK AT HOW SHORT THIS GUY IS COMPARED TO CLARK!

Meanwhile, Aquaman needs to lay off the AquaFresh and drink some coffee or smoke some cigarettes, because MAN, his teeth were scary.

And in other Jossverse actor news, the trailer for Slither, the yeerk zombie movie starring Nathan Fillion is out! Looks delightfully bad.