Am now most of the way done with packing. Because I have the self-control of a monk living in an abbey next door to a strip club, I have severely limited the number of books I’m taking, bringing along only books I haven’t finished yet. I suspect the absence of my literary comfort blankie will ache like a phantom limb, but I shall prevail!

Chungy came over so we could swap back DVDs we’d borrowed from each other, but ended up staying much longer than planned. Before she arrived, I was mostly sitting around being lazy, but her presence gave me a work ethic. We joked about Napoleon Dynamite and Veronica Mars and Firefly as she helped remind me to pack essential yet easy-to-forget stuff. As we waited for my mom to return home so we could all go to dinner together, I joked about Napoleon Dynamite’s brown prom suit, and how it looks laughably similar to Spike’s “Randy Giles” suit in “Tabula Rasa”. I started by showing her the clip, but then we ended up watching the rest of the episode. Chungy is now cursing my name, because it’s motivated her to want to start watching Buffy. Bwaha!

I leave for Philly tomorrow at an ungodly hour. Meh.