*sigh* Well, I’m back in Philly, waiting for my storage boxes to arrive so I can start unloading my stuff, and for Ko to arrive so that she can verify that my proposed room split is fair. Urgh, so far, my day has been one small disappointment after another. Apparently, when I checked out our future room last year, I went to the wrong room or floor or something, because this is not the room I squeed over. There are huge gouges in the carpet in the bedroom, making me wonder if the previous inhabitants kept a particularly rambunctious pet jaguar. Also, there’s a massive crack in the wall next to the front door, and the door itself is split vertically almost all the way down the side. Maintenance will be getting a call before the day is out, mark my words.

Also, apparently I didn’t screw the cap on a bottle all the way, and a sizeable region of my duffel became quite damp. Most of my stuff was fine — the towels absorbed the worst of it, but the case for my Buffy season 6 DVDs looks like it has been partially digested.

Oh well. At least my room looks better than Rebecca’s!