OMG SAYID!!!!!!! I just watched “Bride and Prejudice,” my dorm’s Penn PM Event, which was highly entertaining. Throughout the whole movie, I kept peering at the actor playing Bingley and trying to decide “Is that Naveen Andrews?” I actually came to the conclusion that alas, it probably wasn’t, despite looking so much like him (the sound and picture quality were horrible), but then when I returned to the room and Ko and Deep googlesearched for pictures of Martin Henderson (Darcy), they pulled up the official site, and lo and beyond, in the Cast List, there was his name!

Now I have to show Deep, Lisa, and Ko clips from Lost and assert Sayid’s awesomeness, as he was made deliberately less hot, as not to distract from Darcy. I will show them how attractive he can be when utterly brilliant with electronics, in a tank top, with an Iraqi accent. Yeah, Sayid. *happysigh*