WAAAAAAHHHHH. I’m currently typing from Deep’s computer, as my computer, Jimmy, is cautiously extending his tongue and sampling the dust, carefully weighing whether or not he intends to bite it. It was working fine on the plane when I was watching the second half of the RotK:EE actor commentary, but when I first turned it on, I was greeted with freaky Matrixlike green lines and white noise and other such horrors for one who has not backed up anything in forever. My friends Ari and Jing, computer geniuses, each tried fixing it for about an hour before throwing in the towel. I’m grateful that they lasted that long; the screen’s behavior is seizure inducing. Ari is going to contact the ITA manager to see if he can help.

ANGST. Come on, Jimmy! You’re the only one of the Lone Gunmen that didn’t snuff it! Be like your namesake and LIVE!

It’s that time again! A mass posting of a bunch of random links!

Dear MSN 2005 Movie Preview,

Hurrah, look at all these fun movies coming out in 2005! Ooh, the anticipation! Only next time, when you set aside a paragraph for “From TV to Big Screen”, please make some passing mention of Serenity? Teh weep.



Ummm, here’s the Joss Whedon Holiday Post that I somehow missed on Whedonesque. I cannot breathe for laughing.

So. Any particular reason why there won’t be any new Smallville until January 26th? Especially since the most recent episode was December 1st, and before that, November 17th? (Episode guides are handy! If I actually knew those dates, I think I would have to cry.) I miss my mindless hour of shirtless Tom Welling ogling!

Pah. But ooh! I am distracted from my pout by these new photos from Serenity! Is it just me, or do River’s enormous goggles remind anyone of those hilarious welding goggles Spike wears in “Spiral”?

Few news items have amused me as much as this: Britney Spears Quits Pop Music To Become a Forensic Scientist.

Of course, then I see this link to Hip-Hop mimes for Christ, and all bets are off. I think I ruptured something laughing.

Happy happy happy news from Gneil:

Merrilee Heifetz of Writers House, acting as agent for Gaiman, McKean, and The Jim Henson Company, negotiated a book deal with HarperCollinsPublishers for two MIRRORMASK projects. MIRRORMASK, an oversized, beautifully designed volume, containing the complete script and storyboards, and augmented by notes and observations by the creators, as well as full-color art from the film, will be published in the summer of 2005 by William Morrow/An Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers.


Also from Neil’s blog, a useful tool for packrats like me: Save that Calendar! And because the subject matter is so amusing, BBC Goes Ahead with Springer Opera

And to end, some random BtVS ponderings: It’s About Height and My Comparisons Between Spuffy and Christine/Phantom. Mmm, archetypes!

*dies laughing* bushisantichrist.com

Well, it’s the new year! I spent New Year’s Eve at home with a bunch of my JETS alumnae, where we watched a bunch of Lost episodes, the pilot of Futurama, and played several games of “Chronology,” wherein I demonstated a rather impressive ability at guessing the dates certain random patents were established, and also that I am a bad Liberal. Crazy fun! A splendid time and a cup of black-eyed peas were guaranteed for all.

Oh, and Chungy and Cyth? You lie! You said that this week, Lost was going to be preempted by two hours of Alias. Falsehoods, all of it! Wednesday, Jan. 5, 8/7: Lost 1×12 — “Whatever the Case May Be.”

They say that what you do on January 1st is a good indication of how you’ll spend your year. I wonder if the first blog entry of the year also indicates how I’ll blog? If so, 2005 will be a year of:

  • Making fun of George W Bush
  • Gushing over fandom

I’m sure you’re all shocked.