Oh, Kerry! You go on The Daily Show to show the world you have a delightful sense of humor, not to rehash what you say in every other interview! *heavy sigh*

Oh well. In less disappointing news, my dad surprised me this morning by bringing home from storage a set of three original Ronald Searle drawings, which he had purchased years ago at an art auction. When I graduate college and get an apartment, they are definitely going in places of prominence on the walls. Eeeee, Searle is so awesome. He’s the guy that illustrated the Molesworth books and The Belles of St-Trinians, among others. The tnm.n layout I just replaced was his artwork. &lt3 Ronald Searle! Such coolness.

Also, I finished my Blue Sun shirt last night (oh my aching wrists!) and wore it with pride today. See images one and two, and a third of me channeling River (not that she would ever wear a Blue Sun shirt, considering what she does to all other Blue Sun merchandise on the show). XD

Dad: So what can you tell me about this “Blue Sun”?

Me: Well, it’s a massive corporation on the TV show Firefly, the name brand you see everywhere, on foodstuffs and supplies and–

Dad: Like Halliburton?

Me: …Funny, as I was just about to say “Rachel and I theorize that it’s evil.”


Gah. I realize that I haven’t given much thought to Halloween this year. Brainstorming has been disappointingly fruitless. I’ve toyed with the idea of going as Sally from “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” but seeing as I only have a week left in Dallas to use mom’s sewing machine, I’m thinking that idea’s out the window.

Then I thought of Illyria, from Angel, but I think I want someone more recognizable. And if I did do Illyria, it would be her outfit from the first half of “Shells,” when she’s still wearing Fred’s clothes, as I wouldn’t feel comfortable walking around in public in her normal attire, especially after all the stares I got wearing the breastplate for my Angua costume, and given the pathetically small number of students that actually dress up. Still, not sure if I want to go blue two years in a row. :D

A few months ago, M and my roomies mentioned the idea of dressing up as various HP characters, but I can’t help feeling that’s been done to death.

So what other fandoms can I plunder? There’s always Firefly, and I spent quite a large chunk of yesterday evening working on a Blue Sun shirt, but like Illyria, I don’t think the characters would be recognizable enough. I know that shouldn’t bother me, as I’ve maybe had two recognizable costumes from first grade to my senior year, but I was spoiled by the attention I got dressing up as Nightcrawler last year, so bah.

Woah, speaking of! Buffy.nu has the Serenity teaser trailer available for download here! The quality is abysmal, but hey, what can you do? Except frowl over the lack of Simonage in the trailer, of course. Most vexing.

Hmm… what other fandoms are there to be mined? ::sigh:: life is so hard.

The sidebar is still wonky, but I felt like getting the new blog layout up anyway. Not fabulous, but oh well. I’m happy for the moment. Infinite love to Jasper Fforde, author of The Eyre Affair, Lost in a Good Book, The Well of Lost Plots, and Something Rotten. Toast Marketing Board propoganda by Maggy and Stewart Roberts.

At Sannali’s request, I threw together a bunch of new link buttons. Here they are. If anyone wants a different dimension than 200×40, speak up and I shall provide!

(Oh, and I would appreciate any comments you might have on the new layout. :D)

tnm.n has a new look! After over two years! Version 3.0: “Project Sepia,” for lack of a better name. Everything is up except for the art gallery, which will be getting a major restructuring. Expect the illustration gallery within the next few days and the photographic gallery a little later than that. I’m working on a website for my family’s photographic business, and I’m probably just going to link to my section of that. More professional and all.