My lovelies! Update your address books!

My email address is now priscellie(at)theninemuses(dot)net — with the @ replacing (at) and the . replacing (dot) of course; gotta do something to deter the spam bots — or priscellie(at)gmail(dot)com. I rarely check, as it has been overtaken by spam and tries to eat my brain lest I retain constant vigilance. So don’t email me there. Email me at one of the priscellie addresses, and life will be good. I switched over a couple months ago, but I’m still getting mail from friends at priscilla@tnm.n, so yeah. (And I use the gmail account with amazon, for those of you cool like Renata that feel like sending me discounts. :D)

Email me if you want my snail mail address at school. Postcards and such are always welcome, as are giant shipping crates that open to reveal scantily clad Sean Maher/Billy Boyd/Alan Cumming/James Marsters/Chris Rankin/etc, eager to serve me hot chocolate and give me foot massages, or smile at me in a really adoreable way, or read the phone book, depending on the guh-factor of the individual’s accent. I’m not picky.

So… yeah. That’s all I have to say about that. :D