*giggles madly* The Dallas Morning News today had an article in the Kids Day section (apostrophes much?) about conjectures towards the identity of the “Half-Blood Prince” in the 6th Harry Potter book. The kids’ ages ranged between 7 and 11, so naturally the responses were rather hilarious. Samples include “Ron Weasley: Hermione likes Ron. I think Hermione is the princess. I think they will get married.” Other guesses include Hagrid, Snape, Filch, Sirius, Neville, Seamus, and Malfoy (go figure), but the most amusing came from 10 year old Grant Davis: “Hermione Granger: She is really a boy in disguise. Her real name is HERMAN Granger! Imagine Ron and Harry’s surprise!”

Sometimes I really really love kids. *snorks* Also on the HP front, be sure that you vote in the new FAQ poll on JK Rowling.com! One of the potential questions deals with Secret Agent Percy, yet it’s received half as many votes as the question in first place. Support your favourite Rogue Demon Hunter! Vote Percy!

So yeah. Lots of blog silence recently. Strange, considering the amount of time I’ve spent on the computer lately. Maybe I haven’t been posting anything because I haven’t been actually venturing out into the real world enough. Der. I have been exercising, though! I am svelte and buff and all-around magnificent!

Meanwhile, is anyone going to Comic Con? Any chance they can sneak in a camera and allow the rest of the world a peek at this? (Link from Cyth) Gurgle squared. Yay, I can’t wait for the Shindig at Rachel’s house tomorrow! We’re starting with a YoSafBridge fest (OMR and Trash), then improvising from there. Whee!

This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in quite some time. Headtilt.com!

Mmm, James Marsters. *gurgles and fans self*

Gak, I have been seriously neglecting my blog, not to mention my flist. Der!

A few links:

Once More, With Hobbits — I posted this ages ago, but I love it so much it was time to remind everyone of its brilliance. I showed it to Cyth yesterday, and she loved it, so yay.

Stolen from Ashley: Hitchhiker’s Guide Radio Drama — getting a facelift! Shiny!

Stolen from Cyth: Buffy and Angel Telefilms in the works — The only thing I have to say is “GUH.” Or perhaps “GLEE!”

What the… is anyone else totally irritated by the new Blogger format thing? Auto &ltp&gt breaks instead of &ltbr&gt for each “return” stroke… auto link formatting… Could it get more annoying? *jabs Blogger in the cranium* But oooh, while attempting to fix all the wonky Blogger formatting errors, I figured out how to get it back to the old version! Yaaaaay.

Back from sunny, gorgeous Santa Fe! Keith Carter is even more godlike in person, one of my classmates bought a print of Dream for $175 (unmatted and unframed), and though usually very sparing with compliments, Keith said my photographs were “without a doubt, the single best work from a 19-year-old I’ve ever seen.” Pardon me whilst I keel over and die.

It’ll be a while before I can post anything coherent, as I am still rendered senseless from squeeage, and I’m at LJ friends?skip=975. But I did get to see Ko while breezing through Albuquerque! (Wow, I hope I spelled that correctly. Weird Al is no help. “A! L! B! U! … querque!”) I’m a bit disappointed to have neglected World Blog Haiku Day, but I look forward to next year, when it will be celebrated on 5-7-05. W00t!

And now, I take my temporary leave. *dives into Friends page*

Bwee! Dad and I visited the Dallas Contemporary Gallery this afternoon to see the Members Show, as I missed the opening when I was in NYC (the pictures from which I have already uploaded to Photobucket and will post and caption soon). All the members of the gallery were invited to submit one piece of work to be shown, then a critic selected five artists to have their own group show. As my family and I are all members, we each submitted a photograph, Death in my case.

I wasn’t selected as one of the five (as expected — there were some 300 submissions and I had no delusions of grandeur), but I was delighted to see that after the opening, the gallery director had since put little blurb talking points below certain images in order to stimulate those unaccustomed to contemporary art, and mine was one of those twelve. Twelve out of three hundred were highlighted by the gallery director as being particularly intellectually stimulating! I am so good!

Apologies for the lack of posts as of late. I haven’t given myself the chance to sit down and compose a massive New York post yet, and I feel weird about blogging about day-to-day stuff before the big NYC post is done. Even I don’t understand my logic, so don’t try. :D

Um, I’ve seen Spiderman 2 and Farenheit 9/11, both of which were keen. I still can’t find my glasses, which were lost in New York, not unlike Macaulay Culkin. Rachel and I have schemed diverse madcap exploits, most of which centering on Firefly. Life is good, and I’m off to Santa Fe tomorrow for a photographic workshop, taught by the godlike Keith Carter. Pardon me whilst I gurgle.