EEEE, YAY! Swussian Capitalist is back! Appropriate for Blue Moon Day, isn’t it? Oh, and Happy B-Day to JK Rowling and Harry Potter! And Cassie Claire, I understand? Happy Birthday to everyone, yay!

Colorado has been FANTASTIC. I’m coming back home tomorrow. Mmmmm, relaxed. I look forward to scanning and posting the 7-trillion-plus photos I’ve taken the past few days. And gah, I still haven’t posted my images from Santa Fe! Wow, I’m useless. :D

Oh, and the rest of the DNC? Rock on. I cannot WAIT to see Kerry and Bush face off in the debates. Kerry is going to wipe the floor with him. Man, that speech was awesome! (And am I the only one that missed the balloon mic hilarity? Good thing we taped it…)